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2014: Invar marks its 20-year anniversary!
2012: Tereshkovo Power Plant begins Combined Cycle Operation
2011: Tereshkovo Power Plant begins Simple Cycle Operation
2009: Invar International Holding is established and Invar International Inc and other affiliates are consolidated under Invar International Holding group. 
2006: Invar participates in Groundbreaking Ceremony for Kozhukhovo Power Plant in Moscow
2005: Invar's joint venture company is awarded the Tereshkovo Power Plant project in Moscow
2003: Invar opens its head office in New York
1994: Invar International Inc is established

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January 31, 2014: The Nation: Invar International Chairman Meets BoI Chief

January 31, 2014: Business Recorder: Investment in Energy Govt's Top Priority

January 30, 2014: Business Recorder: Invar International Holding to invest in Pakistan

July 15, 2005: The Moscow Times: Moscow to Get First Private Power Plant


August 22, 2014 - Invar Marks its 20-Year Anniversary

Twenty years ago today, Invar International Inc. was first established in Norfolk, Virginia.  In its first decade, Invar operated as a strategic and international project finance consultant and its principal owners worked on various international deals including trade, agriculture, fertilizer plant development, and a major hospital development project among other exciting ventures. Invar's second decade marked a complete restructuring of Invar's business model and a new focus on investments in the energy industry in emerging markets, which today is Invar's main line of business.

As we embark onto our third decade, Invar is once again reinventing itself, focusing on growth by further developing all of its core strengths in energy infrastructure development, global business management and strategic and financial consulting services. 

November 29, 2012 - Project Partnership Announcement
Invar International Inc. is pleased to confirm that it has settled all its differences with its business partners Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Uretim A.S. and Zorlu Holding, and that it has accordingly transferred to Zorlu Enerji its 24.5% stake in ICFS International LLC, the joint venture company and 100% owner of the Tereshkovo and Kozhukhovo power plants in Moscow, Russia.  Invar is continuing to develop new energy projects in Europe, in the Middle East and in the rest of the world.